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Welcome To My Joint!

Hello, thank you for visiting my blog. Click on any picture to enlarge and view the Disclaimer at the very bottom.

Mini Jewelry Haul & Storage

I picked up two pairs of earrings above at Icing last week on a BOGOHO, buy one get one half off. On the left for $7.50 has pink, brown and ecru colored string that's wrapped around and around in an intricate pattern. It happened to match the shirt that I was wearing perfectly! On the right are some dangly curves with crystals for $8.50. Grand total was $12.25 plus tax.

On the weekend I stopped by Claire's and bought two necklaces. (Actually, it was courtesy of the ex-boyfriend. lol)
On the left a 48" gunmetal colored necklace with round beads for $10.50 and on the right a 30" necklace with metal circles and black faceted plastic beads for $9.50.

I double-upped the one on the left.

And because I spent $20 or more before tax at Claire's, they gave me a $10 off coupon on my next purchase of $20 or more before tax. It's valid between December 1st and the 14th and I'm definitely going to use this!

So where do I store the earrings and necklaces that I use most often? Well, don't ever buy a Polaroid FLM-911 LCD TV because it SUCKS! I bought this two years ago for about $330 and at that time LCDs were around $500 or more so I opted for the cheaper one. It had a beautiful picture though but less than a year and a half later the screen went white and the picture never came on anymore but the audio still worked. The warranty was 1 year only and I never buy extended warranties because I've never had problems with any electronic items before. I researched this TV online and a lot of other people had problems with it. The cost to fix it is more than what it's worth so I have to save up for another LCD TV.

Just don't ever buy Polaroids, guys! But it makes a wonderful earring rack. LoL! I just tied up some thread around it and voila. Do you see the back part of my little 9" CRT TV on the left that I'm forced to use? =( Even my laptop screen is bigger than that. I guess if I haven't hauled so much makeup this year, I could have already bought a new TV. Ah well...Hehe

All my other jewelry are piled in a little case. You may have spied it in one of my videos. It has a multicolored block pattern on it. I use it as a camera stand when making YT vids.

3 comment(s):

itsCHARLENEANN said...

you are too funny! i definitely loving the earring and necklace no lie!...i love your hauls...MORE hauls please...haha way to try to get you to buy new things uh...PS. christmas coming i'm sure you and i both will be doin some haulin for ourseleves even though we probably should be doin shoppin for people were suppose too lol =)

Lady Lostris said...

Charleneann, thanks for liking the improvised jewelry rack. LoL

I have to give myself a pat on the back for not ordering any of the MAC holiday collection because I was seriously eyeing the warm eyes palette and the lipgloss set. I want to save up for the Hello Kitty collection in February. Do we need anymore makeup up? LoL

itsCHARLENEANN said...

LOL...i kno seriously...i have enough...yea i really hope that hello kitty line is good...i havent seen pictures though have you? anyways yea im definitely getting stuff from that line...=) we will do some major haulin...

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