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Bye Bye Dry Hair & Frizzies

Recently I've been using the Garnier Fructis Melting Masque and Instant Melting Conditioner (not pictured) about every other day. They are both conditioners for your hair but the Melting Masque is for over processed, extremely damaged hair and is categorized under their "Strength & Repair" line while the Instant Melting Conditioner is for dry, frizzy hair and is categorized under their "Sleek & Shine" line. They are very affordable at only $2.99 each but there's almost always a $1 off coupon in the Sunday paper on any Garnier Fructis hair product so it's a steal.

I've really been noticing a difference in my hair since using these conditioners. It's less dry, smoother, silkier and shinier. So far both of these have given me the same results. And every Garnier Fructis product smells so wonderful. They have fruity or citrus scents and the conditioners smell like papaya, at least to me. When I rinse it off in the shower, it feels like it's actually melted on a layer of silk goodness onto my hair. LoL.

As for shampoo, I use any Dove shampoo for dry hair that I find at Costco in those huge pump bottles. I really like Dove and prefer it over Pantene, which dries out my hair and makes it feel like straw. I haven't tried any GF shampoo yet.

Also pictured above is my favorite frizz serum which goes for about $4.50. It's called the Anti-Frizz Serum and is part of their "Sleek & Shine" line. It has a citrus scent and is a light oil which is not greasy and thick like Baby Oil. It does not contain alcohol so it won't dry out your hair and it also does not contain water. Some frizz serums have water in them and when you apply it to your hair after flat ironing, it will wave it up. It's because of the water in it. The GF frizz serum contains no water so it won't mess up your freshly straightened locks. I like to smooth it on after using my Chi flat iron or my curling iron and it tames my frizzies, smooths the cuticles of my hair, adds a little bit of shine and a pleasant scent. It's also a good refresher to finger comb through your hair throughout the day. I go through bottles of this stuff since I have long hair. I'm due for a cut! =)

Whoops, I forgot to add that I also like the Anti-Humidity Hairspray. I've given up on flexible hold hairsprays because they don't hold my curls or keep my flat ironed hair from frizzing. It has an ultra hold but it doesn't make my hair hard and crunchy.

Do you have any hair care recommendations?

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importzgurl said...

hey lostris!!! i found ur blog from one of ur youtube videos, which i miss ur videos, yeah youtube is being gay, i just mute mind completely and noq its just boring lol
i've tried the GF shampoo and conditioner its okay.. i dont really care for it.
what i like to use for my dried split ends is sunsilk (the pink bottle) i dont have it in front of me but yeah i use that for my split ends, and i love CHI products they smell like perfume omg i love the silk infusion
anyways ttyl take karez girlie

Lady Lostris said...

Hey Lisa! I've been dying to try CHI Silk Infusion but just haven't gotten around to buying it. Thanks for the recs. =)

Elusive said...

Deep condition your hair before you apply heat to it, and then a heat protector. If there is moisture in your hair it will feel better when you flat iron it and won't be too quick to frizz up at the first hint of moisture.

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